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Online Olymp-i-a Challenge

Olymp-i-a Challenge Decorated Box of Ideas and Actions

Click HERE to learn about the Olymp-i-a Challenge for Children and Youth and to download simple "To Do Lists" for Peace, Green-Living, and Health that you can use to inspire daily ideas and actions! 

Students at Light School Uriri in Kenya- participating in the Olymp-i-a Challenge by drawing a picture of animals
Green-Living Action: A student in Light School Uriri (Kenya) creates a drawing of animals.

Calling All Youth, Youth Groups, & Schools!
Join in the ONLINE
Olymp-i-a Challenge 


It's Easy!  Ready, Set, Go!!  

Help celebrate and show the power of youth to make the world a better place! 

** Start today!  We invite children and youth to share 1 positive idea or action for peace, green-living, or health in the ENTRY FORM BELOW.  Make it a fun daily habit!  

OR, take a 7-Day Challenge for PeaceGreen-Living, or Health.  

You may want to use the RSS feeds for peacegreen-living, and health for information and inspiration for daily ideas and actions.  When you read a book, article, or website post or watch a video, this can be your action for the day.  Increasing learning and awareness sparks new ideas. 

Adults can do it too!

NO individual identity info is collected.  

** Submit PHOTOS or short VIDEO clips of positive ideas or activities HERE

**If you want group/school recognition for participation, send a Contact Form message to include the group/school name, location, and # of youth who participated. 

Entry Form 
Enter your positive idea or action for peace, green-living, or health for the day.
(Please do not enter your name, address, email, or any other personally identifying information.  Positive ideas and actions only. 
When you submit your idea or action you give us permission to publish it, e.g. on our blog.  NO personally identifying information is collected or stored and none will be shared.
What is your topic- peace, green-living, or health?  Scroll to select.
Type in your positive idea or action.

What is your Program Setting? Scroll to select or enter in space provided.

You may answer the optional questions below or just click "Submit" at the end of the form. 

Enter the state/country where you live, Example: Oregon/USA.
What is your age range? Scroll to select. 

Are you Female or Male? 


**Before you submit, if you want, highlight and copy your idea or action. You can then paste it into an email, Facebook, Google+, etc. Share your positive idea or action with others.


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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle