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100 To Do List for Health

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To Do for HEALTH  (100 easy & quick daily thinking and action exercises)

** Pick and choose the ones you want to do (in any order). Do one a day for at least 7 days.  Keep going for 14 or 21 days or more if you can.  Write or draw (or tell someone) your answers.  Be sure to keep your answers positive.  You may want to ask other people to find out their answers.  If you skip a day, just keep going. Strengthen your compassion.  Build your “health muscles”!  What you think and do matters!  We grow stronger in what we practice!


1.  Do some exercise today.  What did you do and for how long?

2.  Do you like to eat vegetables?  Which ones?  Why?

3.  Is food that is “organic” healthier?  Why or why not? 

4.  What is an organization that certifies food to be organic?  What is one of the criteria that must be met for a food to be certified “organic”?

5.  Find a company that produces and sells organic food and write down something you find out about that company. 

6.  What is one thing you can do help yourself feel calm and reduce stress in your life?  When can you practice this during your day? 

7.  Find out one health benefit of meditation.  Write it down.

8.  Name one way sleep is important to your health.  How do you know the right amount of sleep for you?

9.  Is the health of human being linked to the health of animals and the health of the Earth?  How?

10.  Why is it important to take care of your teeth?  What is one daily thing you do to help keep your teeth healthy?

11.  What does air pollution have to do with health?  

12.  Where is air pollution the worst in the world?  What is one thing you can do in your daily life to help reduce air pollution where you live?

13.  Go for a walk and tell about how it made you feel.

14.  Go outside and enjoy nature and tell about how it made you feel.

15.  What are 1-2 reasons people have found pets to be good for their health?

16.  What do you feel when you listen to music?  Do you ever listen to music that makes you feel calm?  happy?  What music makes you feel this way?

17.  What helps you relax?   How often do you have time to do this?  Find out and write down a simple way to relax that does not take much time?

18.  What is an organization that helps homeless people?  What do they do?  Where are they located?

19.  Enjoy a sunset and write down what you see and how it makes you feel.

20.  Take a photo of something beautiful in nature and share it with a friend.

21.  Give a hug to one of your family.  How are hugs good for health?

22.  Sweep or mop or pick up trash.  This is a form of exercise.  Write down what you did and for how long.

23.  What makes you feel happy and content?  When in the last week have you felt that way?  What happened? 

24.  When you are sick and have a cough, what is a good way to cover your cough so you do not spread germs to others? 

25.  When someone walks by you, smile and give them a nice greeting.  Write down that you did it.  How do you think the person felt when you did this?  How does it make you feel when someone does this to you?

26.  Tell one way that nature lifts your spirits.  Tell about a time that this happened to you.

27.  Name a person who you consider a champion of good health?  Why?

28.  How do you train to run long distances?  How do you practice?

29.  Describe on thing that massage does for health? 

30.  What is one good habit you have that helps you stay healthy?

31.  What is one way that social media can be used to promote health?  Give an example that you have seen.

32.  Name 1 or 2 reasons it is healthy to take breaks from sitting for long periods at the computer?    What is something you can do to take a short break?

33.  What is the World Health Organization and what does it do?

34.  Find out one thing that the United Nations does for world health.

35.  Find one health statistic that helps describe the health of people in your country.  What does it measure?  Is there room for improvement?  What is one recommendation to help improve this statistic?

36.  Many people stretch before they exercise.  Find out how stretching can be done most effectively and safely. 

37.  What is a key nutrient your body needs to survive?  How much of the nutrient do you need on a daily basis?  Do you get enough in your diet? 

38.  What is the difference between being a vegetarian and being a vegan?  What are some of the health benefits of being vegan? 

39.  Find out an interesting fact about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).   What is one issue being debated about GMOs?

40.  Name a law that helps reduce air pollution.  What does the law do?

41.  Name a law that helps reduce water pollution.  What does the law do?

42.  Read an article about health.  What is the article and what is one thing you learned?

43.  What is one way that knowing how to read can help you stay healthy?

44.  Describe one way that peace, green-living, and health are connected.

45.  Why is it important to wash your fruits and vegetables being you eat them?

46.  What are some foods very high in fat?  Do you eat any of these foods?  What is a way to reduce the amounts of these foods that you eat?   What would be a good substitute?

47.  What are 1-2 ways that planting a garden good for your health.

48.  What is an organization that is working to help stop bullying?  What does the organization do?

49.  What is one thing you can do to help prevent/stop bullying?

50.  Find a fruit that is new to you and learn a new fact about it and find out what nutrients it provides.

51.  How can we support television programming that is good for children’s health?

52.  Find out and name some television shows focused on children and youth that talk about health?

53.  Look around you during the day and find a sign that says something about health.  What did the sign say?  Did you learn something new?

54.  Try to do one push-up (or, if you do push-ups regularly, try to do a few more than your usual number) each day for 7 days.  At the end of the 7 days write down how you feel.  Is it a little easier to do the push-up(s) now than at the beginning of the 7 days?

55.  What is noise pollution?  What does it have to do with health?

56.  What is one traffic safety law that helps people stay safe and healthy?

57.  Help a young person learn about the health risks of smoking.  Describe what you did.

59.  Be a good listener to a friend who needs your support.  Write down one thing a person can do to be a good listener. 

60.  What are 1-2 things you can do to help a toddler or young child be safe in your house?

61.  What is the name of an organization in your community that helps people get exercise?  What do they do?

62.  How many calories do you use when you swim for 30 minutes?   Is the number more than the number of calories used when you jog for 30 minutes?

63.  Name 1 or 2 foods that are good for heart health?

64.  Name 1-2 ways that food quality is monitored and managed in your community or country? 

65.  How does trash disposal affect health in a community?  Find out more about where your trash goes.

66.  Read about obesity and find out the name of an organization or program that works to prevent it.  What does the organization or program do?

67.  Name two things you can do to keep your skin healthy.

68.  Do you think it is harder to treat an illness than to prevent an illness?  Explain what you think and why?

69.  What is the name of an organization that helps people get health care services (such as medicine, good nutrition/diet, doctors, nurses, hospital care)?  What services does the organization provide? Who does it help?  Where is it located? 

70.  Name 1 health care issue of importance to people with disabilities.  What is the issue and what is being done about it?

71.  Name 1 or 2 ways that poverty impacts health.  What is an organization that works to relieve poverty? 

72.  What are 1-2 health impacts of alcohol abuse?  What can you do to avoid the health risks of drinking alcohol?

73.  What is the definition of addiction? 

74.  What is a healthy habit you have?

75.  Find one thing you did that was good for your health.  What did you do?

76.  Find out about exercise classes in your area and how you can join.

77.  What are 2 ways you can help keep your eyes healthy?

78.  Name one thing that you are grateful for that your community (school) does for health.

79.  Name a sport that you enjoy doing.  Do you do it regularly?  If so, when was the last time and for how long?  How did it make you feel?  If not, is there a workout you can do alone or with a group to get good exercise?

80.  How is laughter good for your health?  When is the last time you had a good laugh?  What were you doing?  How did you feel?

81.  Name 2 things that help your bones stay strong. 

82.  Help teach a child a sport.  Volunteer your time to help coach or work with youth.

83.  When you watch a television show, look for and identify what the people in the show do that is good for health.   What are 1or 2 things you find.  What is the television show?

84.  Do some floor exercises and tell about exercises you did and for how long.

85.  Read a magazine article about healthy living and wellness. What new fact did you learn?

86.  Get a health check-up exam.

87.  Get a dental check-up exam.

88.  What are some illnesses carried by mosquitos?  Are there any illnesses carried by mosquitos in the area where you live?  What is 1 thing you can do to prevent mosquito bites?

89.  Is outside playtime important for children?  What do you think and why?

90.  Sit quietly and breathe in slowly (counting to 10) and breathe out slowly (counting to 10).  How did it make you feel?

91.  Go for a swim and write down that you did.  Describe how the water felt and how the swim made you feel.

92.  Go visit someone who is sick to help lift their spirits and to let them know you care.  Write down that you did it and how it made you feel.

93.  Tell a fun joke to make someone laugh.  Write down the joke and what happened when you told it.

94.  Read about a chronic medical condition (such as diabetes) and find out 1-2 things that a person with such a condition can do to keep themselves as healthy as possible.

95.  Write down a definition of sanitation. Tell one way that sanitation impacts health?  Tell 1 way to improve sanitation.

96.  How does planting a tree impact health?  Describe 1 or 2 ways.

97.  Walk or ride a bike for transportation instead of riding in a car.  Write down that you did it.  What was good about it?

98.  Learn something new about meditation and how it works.  Write down one thing you learn.

99.  What does empathy have to do with health?  What do you think and why? 

100. What will happen if you practice healthy habits every day?  What do you think and why?


Think of More To Do’s!   Think and Do Health!

© 2013 LRWalker  


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." Aristotle